Why have recess?

We’ve all been there... Retros stuck in a rut.

Your team is just going through the motions of “what went well, what should we change, <yawn>". They’re frustrated because many of the impediments they bring up are out of their control. They play it safe, suggesting small improvements that won’t make much of a difference, or worse: they tune out, stop talking, and ask if they can shorten retros or stop them altogether. Even when
they do find something they agree to work on,
they don’t always take action.

You may feel overwhelmed, wondering how you might help your team strive for continuous improvement, even when they face impediments that are out of their control.

Plus, there’s a ton of work to do, so you find yourself reverting to the same old retrospectives just to get by until next sprint.

Being stuck sucks. I get it. Let’s get your team engaged.

It's time for Recess!

Recess gives you everything you need for an engaging retrospective, without adding to your workload.


Founder and president, National Institute For Play


Each month, a Recess kit will get shipped direct to your door. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to break for Recess: a playbook outlining exactly how to facilitate the retrospective, a snack (because all good retros include snacks!), plus all the supporting materials needed.

Each Recess retrospective takes about an hour to run. Have your team show up armed with a pen and expect them to leave with smiles on their faces and an actionable plan for improving their work together moving forward.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. No need to spend hours planning your retrospective, collecting supplies, or agonizing over how to facilitate. Just show up and PLAY!

Running the same retrospective repetitively is a recipe for disaster, right? That's why Recess sends you a brand new kit monthly, each based around a theme. Think: "Welcome to Hollywood", "Humans vs. Zombies", and "Mission to Mars".

Absolutely, positively no PowerPoint included.


Facilitation guide

Recess comes with a step-by-step playbook for facilitating retrospectives like a pro. It tells you exactly what to say and when to say it. No need to spend hours planning a perfect retrospective because: it's DONE!

All The Supplies

Each box contains everything you’ll need for Recess: worksheets, information radiators for the wall, and everything else needed for that month’s game. Grab a pen for each participant and you're ready.

A Snack

Every good retrospective includes a snack. We hook you up with theme-specific goodies for the whole team. “Mission to Mars”? Astronaut ice cream. “Welcome to Hollywood”? Popcorn of course.

Pre-Game Coaching

New to facilitating retrospectives? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You’ll have access to video-based coaching for each month’s kit and a direct line to a real person if you have any questions.

Improvement Tracking Tool

Recess is fun. Know what’s even more fun? Watching your team and organization improve. Recess comes with a set of tools for tracking your growth over time.

Help included

If your team surfaces an issue they need assistance with during or after a Recess, we’re here for you. Just shoot us an email and a coach will reply. On this playground, there's always a monitor ready to lend a hand.

  • “Retros are foundational to our organization’s incremental improvement, but often become repetitive. Our first experience with Recess injected new ideas & energy.
    It was a huge hit with the team
    , and we immediately purchased a 1-year subscription.

    Darin Plum, Director of Software Engineering at Proxibid

  • "I’ve always wanted a magic wand to wave at my clients to help them run regular and engaging retrospectives. Adam has given me one with his Recess subscription!"

    Clinton Keith, Author of "Agile Game Development with Scrum"

  • “Unboxing Recess was like discovering an OASIS amidst a retrospective desert. Its contents
    enabled my team to visualize clear and actionable improvements that were
    implemented immediately, all while having fun."

    Michael Huerta-Enochian, Scrum Master @ Nike

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To create Recess we completed a series of 1-on-1 interviews with agilists struggling with retrospectives, ran a deep-dive survey with 450 participants, and added all of our hard-won retrospective expertise and wisdom. We’re confident you’ll see the value in each kit.


Confident enough to offer you a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.


If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know and you’ll receive a full refund (including up to $10 of the shipping fee) if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of receiving your first box.


Please note: If you subscribed to the Annual Plan, this refund offer applies only during the first 30 days of your subscription.

Who’s idea was
this anyway?

Spoiler alert: It was adam

Years ago, before Adam Weisbart was a Certified Scrum Trainer, before he’d trained and coached thousands of people around the world to help their teams become even more awesome than they already were, he made some cookies. Not just any cookies, but Retrospective Cookies — fortune cookies with delicious questions for team retrospectives baked inside. He tweeted about them, and people asked if they could buy some. He said yes, and even though boxing cookies was not his thing, he sent hundreds of boxes all over the world to help people make their retros more delicious.


…and thus began Adam’s love affair with unique retrospectives!


Driven by his background in improvisational comedy and his love of games as a way to learn and improve, Adam’s been at the forefront of making Agile enjoyable through original tools like Build Your Own Scrum, Agile Antipattern Cards, Agile Adlibs, and of course his hilarious video "Sh!t Bad Scrum Masters Say".


When you open a Recess kit, you’ll be benefiting from the agile wisdom that Adam has honed over the last decade, working with clients including Apple, Microsoft, Automobile Association of America, BitTorrent, Action Against Hunger, and many more.